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All terrain scissor lift are aerial work platforms that can be used for various tasks, including maintenance, construction, and painting. Designed for use on rugged terrain, this type of lift is ideal for outdoor work on uneven surfaces.

  • Model: CFPT1623RTD,CFPT1623RTE
  • Load capacities: 680KG,680KG
  • Load capacities of extended platform: 230KG,230KG
  • Working height: 18m,18m
  • Platform height: 16m,16m
  • Overall width: 2.28m,3.27m
  • Overall height(guardrail unfolded): 3.170m,3.27m
  • Overall height(guardrail folded): 2.41m,2.52m
  • Overall weight: 8000KG,8380KG
  • Hydraulic oil tank: 120L,100L
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    All Terrain Scissor Lift Introduction:

    An "all terrain scissor lift" typically refers to a type of lift equipment with excellent off-road capabilities and can work in various complex terrain conditions. This lift type is generally designed for outdoor construction sites, mining sites, forestry projects, and other environments that require work in varying terrain.

    Difference Between All Terrain Scissor Lifts And Ordinary Scissor Lifts

    Terrain adaptability
    All terrain scissor lifts: with more robust off-road performance, they can easily cope with uneven, rugged, and muddy ground and traverse obstacles such as ditches, hills, and potholes.
    Ordinary scissor lifts are designed to be more suitable for working on flat, hard surfaces such as concrete or well-paved floors and have less off-road performance. They are more suited to operating on relatively flat surfaces.

    Safety and Stability
    All terrain scissor lifts: have a reinforced structure to improve stability and may be equipped with a horizontal self-adjusting system and stabilizing legs to adapt to uneven ground.
    Ordinary scissor lifts: the structure is usually designed to be lighter and easier to operate indoors or on solid ground.

    Drive and operating systems
    All terrain Scissor Lifts: have a more powerful drive system, four-wheel drive, and better climbing ability.
    Ordinary scissor lifts two-wheel drive and has the weaker climbing ability.

    Tire type
    All terrain Scissor Lift: Tires are pneumatic to provide better grip and cushioning.
    Ordinary scissor lift: solid or non-marking tires, suitable for indoor or flat ground.

    5. Applicable environment
    All terrain scissor lifts: suitable for construction sites, agriculture, forestry, and other outdoor environments.
    Ordinary scissor lifts: more commonly used in indoor environments such as warehouses, shopping malls, offices, or flat outdoor environments.

    6. Purchase price
    All terrain scissor lifts are more expensive than regular scissor lifts because they have more powerful off-road capabilities and design.
    Regular scissor lifts are usually inexpensive because they are suitable for flat indoor and outdoor work environments and do not require sophisticated off-road capabilities.

    So when buying, you must consider your usage environment and budget to choose which scissor lift to buy.

    All terrain scissor lift specs

    Brand CFMG CFMG
    Product number CFPT1623RTD(Off road wheel) CFPT1623RTE(Off road wheel)
    Type Hydraulic Hydraulic
    Weight 8000 KG 8380 KG
    Overall length(Including/Excluding Ladder) 4.87m / 4.87m 4.88/4.88m
    Max. Number of workers 4 4
    Max.working height 18 m 18 m
    Max.platform height 16 m 16 m
    Overall width 2.28 m 2.28 m
    Overall height(guardrail unfolded) 3.17 m 3.27 m
    Overall height(guardrail folded) 2.41 m 2.52 m
    Platform size(length * width) 3.94 m * 1.8 m 3.98 m * 1.825 m
    Platform extension size 1.45/1.15 m 1.45/1.15 m
    Load Capacity 680 KG 680 KG
    Load capacity of extended platform 230 KG 230 KG
    Min. ground clearance(stowed/Raised) 220 mm 300 mm
    Machine running speed(stowed) 6.1 KM / h 5.1 Km/ h
    Rising/descending speed 55/30sec 55 / 70 sec
    Rated Power 36 V /36.8Kw 18Kw+15Kw
    Max.Gradeability 40% 40%
    Max. working slope 2°/ 3 ° 2°/ 3 °
    Hydraulic Oil Tank 120 L 100 L

    All terrain scissor lift video

    All terrain scissor lift application


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    Which payment terms can you accept?

    T/T terms, L/C 100% irrevocable,Western union, Cash and so on.

    How is your delivery time?

    Immediate delivery of regular standard machines within 7days.

    How soon can u reply client inquiry?

    we work 24hour/7day to respond client inquiry and questions all time.Most problems will be solved within 8hours.

    Why should u buy from us not others?

    We are original manufacturer/factory. Making first-class Lift machine and make perfect design for customer OEM&ODM.There is 15 years of experience in design and development.

    Please imform us your detailed request for right solution and price.

    a. What platform height do you need?
    b. How much platform load is needed?
    c. Qty needed?
    d. Which port shall we ship to?

    What can you buy from us?

    self propelled Scissor Lift,mobile Scissor lift platform, Crawler self-propelled lifting platform, s Cargo lift, Fixed scissor lift, Container loading dock ramp, Stationary dock leveler, etc. we can do it with one-stop service and one-stop procurement!

    how about aftersales service?

    24hour online service

    How about warranty?

    1 year to 2year warranty

    Do you accept customized product?

    Yes, OEM & ODM accepted

    Are you trading company or factory?

    We ar factory and trading, we have own sale-production-quality-test-documentation-delivery-aftersale system

    What kind of operation power could u supply?

    AC,DC,Diesel,AC+battery, AC+diesel

    Are the products certificated?

    We have CE Certification ,AS austrialia certification,KC korea certification.

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  • ● Proportional controls
    ● Self-lock gate on platform
    ● Drivable at full height
    ● Non-marking tyre, 2WD
    ● Automatic brakes system
    ● Emergency stop button
    ● Tubing explosion-proof system
     Emergency lowering system
    ● Onboard diagnostic system
    ● Tilt sensor with alarm
    ● All motion alarm
    ● Horn
    ● Safety brackets
    ● Forklift pockets
    ● Folding guardrails
    ● Extendable platform
    ● Charger protection
    ● Flashing beacon
    ● Automatic pothole protection

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