DCQY6-15 Hydraulic Loading Ramp

Short Description:

Container forklift Loading unloading ramps dock leveler is cargo handling and forklift with auxiliary equipment to use, adjustable height according to the level of automobile car, truck directly through the device into the interior of the bulk cargo handling, achieve rapid loading and unloading.

  • Rated Loading Capacity: 6-15t
  • Lifting Height: 1.1-1.8m
  • Lift Mechanism: Hydraulic
  • Power: Manual operation
  • Overall Dimensions: (11150-11500)*(2100-2400)*1100mm
  • Lip plate: 14mm-20mm
  • Weight: 2450-4500kg
  • Plateform plate: 3-6mm
  • Guard rail : 40*60*3mm
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Model Capacity (t) Adjustable Range (m) Overall Dimension (mm) Platform plate Main beam Vice beam Lip plate  Net weight (kg)  Lifting Style
    DCQY-6              6 1.1-1.8 11150*2100*1100 3mm 160*80*4(4) 100*50*3 14mm 2450 Mannual
    DCQY-8       8 1.1-1.8 11150*2100*1100 3mm 160*80*4(4) 100*50*4 14mm 2650
    DCQY-10     10 1.1-1.8 11150*2100*1100 4mm 160*80*5(5) 120*60*4 14mm 2850
    DCQY-12      12 1.1-1.8 11500*2200*1100 5mm 200*100*5(5) 120*60*5 16mm 3600
    DCQY-15       15 1.1-1.8 11500*2400*1100 6mm 250*100*6(5) 160*80*5 20mm 4500

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    Product characteristics

    1.Manual hydraulic elevator system
    It's equipped with handle hydraulic device adjusting the working height directly ,which don't need electricity.

    2.Fold-down transition board
    The tail and transition plate and forklift folding hook can be convenient mobile cllimbing.

    3.Adjustable length Hinge
    Chains hook vehicles, make cllimbing and vehicles even shift always close together.

    4.Heavy-duty mobile tyre
    Mobile wheels adopt solid tyres, need not inflatable, durable, cooperate to brake pad, guarantee the operation safety.

    5.Adjustable height supporting legs
    Prevent forklift into vehicle gravity concentrate on vehicle tail produce car overturned. Can fully guarantee the operation safety. The different height to vehicles, suitable for height adjustment of vehicles

    6.Bridge body structure
    Bridge body strength, high bearing capacity bridge by high strength manganese steel body : compound high strength, the characteristics of large carrying capacity.

    7.Antiskid steel nets
    Adopting special rhombic grid plate can ensure excellent slip resistance ,which benefit forklift to climb. Even through the work meets rain or snow, antiskid platform can ensure work not to be affected.

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