The old customer from Poland ordered ten sets of 10-ton loading dock ramps again.

The day before yesterday, a Polish customer ordered ten sets of 10 ton loading dock ramps again. Speaking of this customer, we have been cooperating with him for four or five years, and we have purchased about 50 sets of loading dock ramps in total, and both sides have been very satisfied with the cooperation.This customer is a dock logistics business that needs to transport a large number of goods from the dock to the ship every day. loading dock ramps saves him a lot of time and labor. He can use a forklift truck to transport goods directly to the ship, which is very convenient.

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Our company has many models of  loading dock ramps, and support customization can be customized according to your requirements in various sizes and models of loading dock ramps. Because we are a factory, direct sales have a perfect and cost-effective industrial chain. We are looking forward to working with you.

Post time: Apr-09-2024

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