Vietnam customer ordered 12 sets of 32 foot platform height scissor lifts again

Vietnam customer ordered 12 sets of 32 feet platform height scissor lifts again.

On Jan 28th, 2024, our Vietnam customer ordered 12 sets of 32-foot platform height scissor lifts again; this customer is the first time to cooperate with us in 2021 and has ordered more than one hundred sets of scissor lifts from us so far.

This customer mainly does outdoor maintenance and needs higher lift heights; most of the lifts they bought are 32-foot ~ 40-foot platform-height scissor lifts.
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I remember the first time we cooperated with this customer. After repeated consideration, this customer communicated with us for nearly three years before the final cooperation was successful.

After much cooperation, the customer trusted our company’s cost-effective products and reliable quality, and now he is ready to apply to become our company’s agent in Vietnam.

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Why our company’s scissor lifts get so many old customers:

First of all, since our factory was established 15 years ago, we have been mainly producing scissor lifts, with an annual sales volume of more than 3,000 units. We have a mature and stable supply chain, and we are located in the north of China, where the labor, as well as rent costs, are lower, so we put most of the money into quality, which is the main reason why the cost-effective scissor lifts of our company are so high.

Our company hopes to cooperate with the world’s significant agents to create a better future.

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