Three mast Aluminum mobile Ladder hydraulic electric Lift

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Built with high-strength aluminum alloy, CFMG remote control mast lifts are in beautiful shape, small size, light weight, stable rising, and safe operation. The mast structure is in good stability, flexible movement. Moreover, for convenience of operation, self-propelled function is designed for it.

  • Platform height: 4m-14m
  • Working height: 5.7m-15.7m
  • Load: 230KG-237KG
  • Voltage: AC220V/50HZ
  • Power: 1.5KW
  • Weight: 380-800KG
  • Lift Drive / Actuation: Hydraulic
  • Material: High-strength Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Customized
  • Warranty: 3 years guaranteed
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    Number of mast Model Working height(M) Rated load(KG) Platform size(M) Voltage(v/hz) Power(KW) Weight(KG) Outline Dimensions(M)
    Three mast YBC0.2-10 11.7 237 1.57*0.90 AC220/50 2.2 900 1.85*1.25*2.00
    YBC0.2-12 13.7 237 1.57*0.90 AC220/50 2.2 900 1.85*1.25*2.00
    YBC0.2-14 15.7 200 1.57*0.90 AC220/50 2.2 1000 1.85*1.25*2.35
    YBC0.2-16 17.7 200 1.57*0.90 AC220/50 2.2 1000 2.10*1.25*2.65

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    ---- Strengthen Aluminum alloy design,make sure it is handled fluently;

    ---- Mast will not deformate,construction is nicety and compact,machine body design is legerity.

    ---- Inner back-up electrical source and manual valve design,insure drop the control flat roof in the roof or ground if break the electricity when you doing high-altitude work.

    ---- There is movable wheel in the machine shelf base,can supply better turn off function,and east to span common ground bars.

    ---- Lifting chain load safety factor more than 10:1,also have steel wire safety protect systerm,make sure lift and drop fluently and safely.supporting leg occupy area is very small,

    The biggest distance between flat roof and wall is 0.34m after fix,it is very convenient to work.

    ---- Self-developed integral built-in sliders are used between masts to minimize dynamic clearance between masts.

    ---- We use universal safety inserting leg,can interlock with brainpower electrically controlled,can protect worker oblige.

    ---- Compact structure for access to narrower passageways and elevators.


    Question Answer
    Certificate? ISO9001, the manufacture license of specific equipment of PRC  etc.
    Warranty period? One year ( 13months from ship date. we provide spare parts and work instruction with software)
    How about products inspection and test? All products have been inspected and tested. Only qualified products will be delivered.
    Lead time 8~30days,  depends on different product
    Shipment terms? FOB Qingdao (Normal)
    Packaging? Wrapping film or pallet or plywood case
    How to charge if change parts out of the warranty period? Client only needs to pay the material cost of parts and mailing cost.
    Customize? We have strong customized ability

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