Dutch agent ordered 66 sets of scissor lifts again.

Our general agent in Holland ordered 36 sets of 19 foot scissor lifts and 30 sets of 14 foot scissor lifts, a total of 66 sets, and the customer is delighted.

Talking about this customer, he has been cooperating with us for seven years. He has purchased more than 300 sets of scissor lifts so far and has been buying tracked ones because the customer mainly uses them outdoors. The environment is relatively rugged and muddy, and the use of the scene is more complicated.

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Why are CFMG brand scissor lifts so popular?

1, CFMG belongs to Shandong Chufeng Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd, located in the hometown of China’s lifts – Jinan. It has a perfect supply chain, but the cost of labor and rent is low; the company spends most of the money on quality and research and development, so many old customers often ask us why the machine quality is so good, but the price is really about half of the other brands, that’s why.

2、CFMG is the largest scissor lift manufacturing brand in northern China, with annual global sales of more than 5,000, obvious supply chain advantages, and strong resource integration ability, which is one of the reasons for such popularity.

3、The company has been using the principle of small profits and high sales; this has a close relationship with the company’s leadership of the far-reaching strategic vision; we seek cooperation with the world’s major agents together to create a better future.

Post time: Mar-07-2024

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