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A 19 ft scissor lift is a popular choice for those who need to work at heights of up to 19 ft. There are four types of 19 ft scissor lifts under CFMG, two of which are wheel-type and two of which are crawler-type. You can choose a suitable scissor lift according to your needs.

  • Product number: CFPT0608LDN,CFPT0608LD,CFPT0608SP,CFTT0608
  • Load capacity: 230 KG,450 KG,230 KG,450 KG
  • Grade Ability: 25%,30%,25%,25%
  • Weight: 1680KG,2520KG,1540KG,2070KG
  • Number of workers: 2,2,2,2
  • Platform size: 1859 mm * 810mm,2270 mm * 1110mm,1670mm * 755mm,2270mm * 1110mm
  • Rising/descending speed: 35/30sec,38/30 sec,25/20 sec,35/30 sec
  • Charger: 24V/30A,48V/25A,24V/30A,24V/30A
  • Hydraulic Oil Tank: 3 L,20 L,8L,20L
  • Maximum platform height: 6 m,6 m ,6 m ,6 m
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    19 ft scissor lift description

    First and foremost, a 19 ft scissor lift is a great choice for indoor work. Its compact size makes it easy to move in tight spaces, such as narrow hallways, and its light weight allows it to be used on delicate floors without causing damage. In addition, its electric motor means that it produces no emissions, so it can be used safely in indoor spaces.

    The CFMG brand offers wheeled 19 ft scissor lift and tracked 19 ft scissor lift. The following are the benefits of each:

    Wheeled 19 ft scissor lifts:

    Ideal for indoor use, especially on smooth floors
    Can be moved easily and quickly between work areas
    Small turning radius, ideal for working in confined spaces
    Can be transported to different job sites by trailer or truck

    Tracked 19 ft scissor lifts:

    Ideal for outdoor and rugged terrain
    Climbs up slopes and uneven surfaces
    Provides greater stability over rough terrain than wheeled lifts
    Can be used on slopes and hills where wheeled lifts may be unsafe

    The CFMG brand of wheeled and tracked 19 ft scissor aerial work platforms both provide reliable and high-quality performance. Customers can choose the best solution for their specific needs and job requirements.

    CFMG - 19 ft scissor lift specs & dimensions

    There are four CFMG 19 ft scissor lifts: CFPT0608LDN, CFPT0608LD, CFPT0608SP, and CFTT0608. The first two are crawler type, and the latter are wheel type.

    Product number CFPT0608LDN(tracked) CFPT0608LD(tracked) CFPT0608SP(wheel) CFTT0608(wheel)
    Type Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
    Weight 1680 KG 2520 KG 1540 KG 2070 KG
    Overall length(with ladder) 2056 mm 2470 mm 1860 mm 2485 mm
    Overall length(without ladder) 1953 mm 2280 mm 1687 mm 2280 mm
    Number of workers 2 2 2 2
    Max.working height 8 m 8 m 7.8 m 8 m
    Max.platform height 6 m 6 m 5.8 m 6 m
    Overall width 1030 mm 1390 mm 763 mm 1210 mm
    Overall height(guardrail unfolded) 2170 mm 2310 mm 2165 mm 2235 mm
    Overall height(guardrail folded) 1815 mm 1750 mm 1810 mm 1680 mm
    Platform size(length * width) 1859 mm * 810mm 2270 mm * 1110 mm 1670 mm * 755 mm 2270 mm * 1110 mm
    Platform extension size 900 mm 900 mm 900 mm 900 mm
    Load Capacity 230 KG 450 KG 230 KG 450 KG
    Load capacity of extended platform 113 KG 113 KG 113 KG 113 KG
    Min. ground clearance(stowed) 110 mm 150 mm 68 mm 100 mm
    lifting motor 24 V / 1.2 KW 48 V / 4 KW 24 V / 4.5 KW 24 V / 4.5 KW
    Machine running speed(stowed) 2.4 KM / h 2 KM / h 3 KM / h 3 KM / h
    Rising/descending speed 35/30sec 38 / 30 sec 25 / 20 sec 35 / 30 sec
    Batteries 4*12 V / 300 AH 8 * 6V / 200 AH 4 * 6V / 210 AH 4 * 6V / 230 AH
    Charger 24 V / 30A 48 V / 25 A 24 V / 30 A 24 V / 30 A
    Gradeability 25% 30% 25% 25%
    Max. working slope 1.5°/ 3 ° 1.5°/ 3 ° 1.5°/ 3 ° 1.5°/ 3 °
    Hydraulic Oil Tank 3 L 20 L 8L 20L

    19 ft scissor lift standard configuration

    ● Proportional controlSelf-lock gate on platform
    ● Emergency platform
    ● Non-marking rubber crawler
    ● Automatic brake system
    ● Emergency descent system
    ● Emergency stop button
    ● Tubing explosion-proof system
    ● Fault diagnosis system
    ● Tilt protection system
    ● Buzzer
    ● Horn
    ● Safety maintenance support
    ● Standard forklift slot
    ● Charging protection system
    ● Strobe lamp
    ● Foldable guardrail

    19 ft scissor lift optional configuration

    ● Overload sensor with alarm

    ● AC power on the platform

    ● Platform work ligth

    ● Chassis-to-platform air duct

    ● Top limit protection

    19 ft scissor lift price

    Two of these models are wheeled scissor lifts, the CFTT0608 and the CFPT0608LD. These models are ideal for indoor use where smooth, flat surfaces are available. With a maximum platform height of 19 feet, these lifts are ideal for a variety of tasks such as maintenance, installation, and construction. With a price tag of approximately $7,000, the CFTT0608 and CFPT0608LD are affordable options for those who need a reliable and efficient scissor-type aerial work platform.

    On the other hand, the CFPT0608LDN and CFPT0608SP are tracked scissor-type aerial work platforms designed for use in rugged outdoor terrain. These models are equipped with heavy-duty tracks that provide excellent traction and stability, allowing them to work on uneven surfaces and even slopes. With a maximum platform height of 19 feet, they are ideal for outdoor maintenance, landscaping, and construction work. While these models are slightly more expensive, at around $12,000, they offer the advantage of increased mobility and versatility on challenging job sites.

    New Scissor Lift VS Used Scissor Lift

    一, The second-hand scissor lift has no warranty period, high after-sales costs
    Most of the used scissor lifts on the market have no warranty time; if there is any problem in use, you need to repair it at your own expense. Often, mechanical equipment at the price of accessories is quite expensive, which we all know. But buying a new CFMG scissor lift has a one-year warranty, and any problem within a year can be repaired free of charge.
    二, Second-hand scissor lifts use a short time
    The use time of second-hand scissor lifts is much shorter than that of new scissor lifts, and the previous use and maintenance of scissor lifts have yet to be discovered, so there may be hidden dangers during use. Rough statistics show that the use time of second-hand scissor lifts is more than 50% shorter than that of new scissor lifts.
    三、Used scissor lifts without customer service
    Buy a new CFMG scissor lift. They have a year of one-on-one after-sales service and free teaching, but used scissor lifts generally do not exist these services.
    四、Used scissor lifts do not have the latest safety features and are a safety hazard.
    Used scissor lifts generally have older features, especially three years ago; scissor lifts, features are relatively immature, for example, overload protection devices, limit switches, emergency stop buttons, etc. Many of the old scissor lifts do not have; there are safety risks. But for CFMG's scissor lifts, these are the most basic functions.

    Summarize: CFMG is the largest scissor lift manufacturer in northern China, with 15 years of sales experience, many stable quality product models have been sold to date, last year's sales volume has been more than 3,000 units, and because of the location of China's northern, labor costs, rents are relatively low, so most of the funds spent on R & D and quality, quality and stability is second to none,  It is the factory direct sales, without any middleman to make a difference in price. so buy a new CFMG scissor lift that is more cost-effective. Welcome the cooperation of major agents; you can first buy a scissor lift to try, absolutely let you be satisfied.

    19 ft scissor lift video

    19 ft scissor lift application


    Why Choose Us?

    CFMG is the leading manufacturer of scissor lifts in China with over 50% market share. CFMG's scissor lifts are known for their cost-effective and consistent performance, making them the preferred choice for customers looking for quality and affordability.

    CFMG scissor lifts are equipped with a range of safety features, including emergency descent systems, tilt sensors, and overload protection, ensuring safe and reliable operation in a variety of environments. In addition, CFMG scissor lifts are designed with user comfort and ease of use in mind, featuring spacious platforms, easy-to-use controls, and smooth, quiet operation.

    Whether you're looking for a compact scissor aerial platform for tight spaces or a larger model for heavy-duty applications, CFMG offers a variety of options to meet your needs. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, CFMG is a trusted brand of scissor lifts in China and beyond.

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    Which payment terms can you accept?

    T/T terms, L/C 100% irrevocable,Western union, Cash and so on.

    How is your delivery time?

    Immediate delivery of regular standard machines within 7days.

    How soon can u reply client inquiry?

    we work 24hour/7day to respond client inquiry and questions all time.Most problems will be solved within 8hours.

    Why should u buy from us not others?

    We are original manufacturer/factory. Making first-class Lift machine and make perfect design for customer OEM&ODM.There is 15 years of experience in design and development.

    Please imform us your detailed request for right solution and price.

    a. What platform height do you need?
    b. How much platform load is needed?
    c. Qty needed?
    d. Which port shall we ship to?

    What can you buy from us?

    self propelled Scissor Lift,mobile Scissor lift platform, Crawler self-propelled lifting platform, s Cargo lift, Fixed scissor lift, Container loading dock ramp, Stationary dock leveler, etc. we can do it with one-stop service and one-stop procurement!

    how about aftersales service?

    24hour online service

    How about warranty?

    1 year to 2year warranty

    Do you accept customized product?

    Yes, OEM & ODM accepted

    Are you trading company or factory?

    We ar factory and trading, we have own sale-production-quality-test-documentation-delivery-aftersale system

    What kind of operation power could u supply?

    AC,DC,Diesel,AC+battery, AC+diesel

    Are the products certificated?

    We have CE Certification ,AS austrialia certification,KC korea certification.

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  • Standard Equipment ● Proportional controls ● Self-lock gate on platform ● Extension Platform ● Drivable at full height ● Non-marking tyre ● 2WD ● Automatic brakes system ● Emergency stop button ● Emergency lowering system ● Tubing explosion-proof system ● Onboard diagnostic system ● Tilt sensor with alarm ● All motion alarm ● Horn ● Hour meter ● Safety brackets ● Forklift pockets ● Charger protection ● Flashing beacon ● Folding guardrails ● Automatic pothole protection Options ● Overloading sensor with alarm ● AC power on the platform ● Platform work lights ● Airline to the platform ● Platform anti-collision switch

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